Brand Identity

Phew! My second Bazaart was so much fun, even if it was very hot.

Something that I have been working towards is a cohesive brand identity – making my market display, social media and tags etc work together. I am really happy with how my booth looked at Bazaart and I don’t mind sharing a few of the choices I made as part of my process.

At my very first market with Hawk + Aspen I selected wooden accessories (trays, planks, live edge trivets etc) for my table, and that is something I have continued with. I have also been on the hunt for white marble pieces, anything peach or terra cotta toned, and brass dishes. Peach is one of my favourite colours and I have a hard time not bringing home brass. I purchased a new floor covering for my booth space that looks very similar to the Moroccan carpet that I have in my home (a prized possession that i carried back from Morocco myself). I included a cactus backdrop as a nod to my love of plants and travel. I also brought along some of the shells and calcified coral I have collected from the beaches of Mexico. My goal was to create a market booth that reflects my own personality and allows the shopper to experience my booth as a small boutique. This is my “vibe”.

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